Novembro is a project that was launched in the autumn of 2004. Although over the years have had different approaches, it is now quite faithful to the original idea.

In the winter of 2001 during the first eight months in Spain, following the study of black and white photography, appears an amateur website to expose the material. With this experience and after comings and goings between Brazil and Spain, finally Novembro begins – a virtual space to show dreams, illusions, thoughts and any other material that could have some interesting for somebody.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks to be here

"…that is what I want, the authentic, honest, emotional. To be connected with the invisible and beautiful"



The power of an image wasn’t related with technique or lack of it, in same way as occurs with the music. – Leon, North of Spain in June of 2010



Connecting with some specific kind of «Out» — Ribadesella, Cantabric Sea, January 7, 2011.


Looking Through

«I’m looking through the window, it’s almost summer, all those things we lived so far» – Looking Through — July 19, 2010, from the kitchen window of my old house.



Sunrise over the Atlantic, very close to the North African coast, March 21, 2007



In the bus, journey Leon - Madrid, October 10, 2005


R. de los Muchachos

«Through the window where we are, when the sky is blue, like the sea we used to cry» – Looking Through – Astrophysical Observatory, 2,396 meters above sea level, Island of La Palma, Canary Islands in August 2009


Through the Window

The window of my current kitchen, in photo for the cover of the single «Looking Through the Window» – May 3, 2017


Dream of Night

Picture taken for the cover of the single «Dream of Night», in Leon, March 27, 2017


Snow Lines

North of Spain in the winter of 2010


Pretty Girl

«Dream of night to keep treasures of your heart, broken mirrors inside, storms whipping barley fields, starving bones wander through the crowd, while the good man loses his faith» – Leon, January 4, 2017



I can see the detail, the small, the very small. I also can see the biggest. Everything that is in the middle, the common of everyday, his rules and formalities, I’m blind for that. I don’t have fucking idea how society works – Detail of the clothesline in my old house, February 16, 2012


Above the Roof

«Let’s go around, or just to sleep / Do not listen to what they say ⁄ Do not say you love me, until the morning comes ⁄ When you can see my all my soul» – Let's Dance Above the Roof – Leon, June 2007


Carrousel Palace

«Everybody is waiting for something / It never comes more than pain and pain / Why should I go with you? / Like a wild thing that you / don’t understand» – My Life – Donostia, Gipuzkoa, May 2009


Belle Epoque

«She can’t smile / She can’t cry / She can’t say goodbye / She can’t smile / She can’t lie / She can’t say goodbye» – Stoned Girl – Donostia, Gipuzkoa, May 2009



Connection demands sensitivity



When the sea, the waves, the wind, the flapping of the wings of the birds, […] when all those things gonna under the control of a metronome; perhaps and only perhaps on this day I will consider the possibility of using one to mark the rhythm on my recordings. – Portugal, July 2012



«Look at this world and tell me you’re not afraid / Come back from nowhere, high trust, that is the way / I’ll break my wounds and take all my fears / As you never know about knots and prays / Don’t point me like an affair, tonight is too late» – High Trust


Playa II

«Can you believe all those things you watch on TV? / What world is this, where soldiers beat old dreams / All those doesn’t wear a gun, only tears» One More Between Many – Portugal, July 2012

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