Novembro is a project that was launched in the autumn of 2004. Although over the years have had different approaches, it is now quite faithful to the original idea.

In the winter of 2001 during the first eight months in Spain, following the study of black and white photography, appears an amateur website to expose the material. With this experience and after comings and goings between Brazil and Spain, finally Novembro begins – a virtual space to show my work, illusions, thoughts and any other material that could have some interesting for somebody.

Nowadays, I'm completely focused on music. Since 2011, I've been heavily dedicated time and efforts to improve my skills, and become a profesional musician. Although my appreciation to other aesthetic arts such as video and photography is undeniable.

Here you will find a bit of all those things – Music, photo, and video [and maybe something more].

Hope you enjoy, and thanks to be here

"…this is what I want, the authentic, honest, emotional. To be connected with the invisible and beautiful"