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"I give great emphasis to the emotional aspect of the sounds. I'm worry especially by the presence of the random or unique. Events as a note «out» or a silence where expecting something. Noises from the system and recording process. I'm interested to investigate about extent the "bug" and how it brings authenticity, and therefore excitement of the music. My perception is what makes that we connect with a song are just little nuances that make the sound perceived personally, creating surprise by not being within expectations."


Resting on Sofa

A beautiful light, to inspire beautiful tones, April 12 2014



Sometimes I need schemas to make beautiful tones, July 19 2014



This valves creates beautiful tones, February 01 2015



Made in Mexico. She has a beautiful tone, July 07 2015


At Same String

It generates a beautiful tone, February 08 2015


Those Lights

It generates beautiful tones too, December 08 2015



Me recording a 'live' video with beautiful tones, July 10 2015



Here I am in early years, starting to think of beautiful tones, Brazil 78 or 79



Always them, with beautiful tones, December 31, 2015


On the Stage I

Preparing to make beautiful live tones, August 18, 2016


Physycal Object

This album is full of beautiful tones, November 2017


Studio II

Working hard to make beautiful tones, July 04 2017



This machine produces beautiful tones, January 08 2017



I'm very organized when I'm creating beautiful tones (OMG), March 24 2017


On the Stage II

Making beautiful live tones in CrazyTown, August 18, 2016


Studio III

In my old studio, learning to create beautiful tones, December 2012



Me, trying to record beautiful tones in the studio, May 2013


Thank You All

Thank you very much to all people who have contributed at some time to create all the beautiful tones of my life, July 2012

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